How to Use the eBooks

About the Read with Me eBooks

We know that it is very important to talk with young children when we read to them. The Read with Me eBooks instructional approach guides parents and teachers in ways to talk with children when they read storybooks together. The suggestions in these books help the children stay engaged and learn from the story.

On this page, you can learn about the different supports that the Read with Me eBooks offer, along with suggestions for how to use them.

  • eBook Supports describes the features of the books that guide parents and teachers as they read with their children.
  • Additional Supports describes helpful ways to use the print versions of the books and ways to look up more information about each reading skill.
  • About Shared Reading Time offers some helpful tips for parents and teachers to keep in mind while they read with children. It also includes short video clips that show examples of how to use the eBook supports, how to help children get used to the eBook format, and how to extend children's ideas into a conversation.