Interactive Books for Parents and Teachers of Young Children

Welcome parents and teachers to the Read with Me eBooks. This program is designed to be a fun way to develop your children's early literacy skills as you read story books with them. In the books For Children, you will find coaches, Pedro, Hali, and Monty who give ideas of how to talk with children about the books. In the books For Teachers and Parents, there is also another coach named Terry, who talks about literacy development and suggests fun activities to do with children.

Phonological Awareness Help
Silly Pets Overview

Silly Pets

Phonological Awareness Help
The Cat Overview

The Cat

Print Awareness Help
Finding the Jaguars Overview

Finding the Jaguars

Comprehension Help
Gus's Rainforest Adventure Overview

Gus's Rainforest Adventure

Comprehension Help
Where Are The Chocolate Chips? Overview

Where Are The Chocolate Chips?

Vocabulary Help
They All Live In The Jungle Overview

They All Live In The Jungle

Vocabulary Help
Maya and the Baby Seal Overview

Maya and the Baby Seal

Fluency Help
Apple Walk Around The Farm Overview

Apple Walk Around The Farm

Fluency Help
My Colorful Snowman Overview

My Colorful Snowman

Alphabetic Principle Help
One Day in School Overview

One Day in School

Reading Motivation Help
Dani Can Overview

Dani Can

Books with a variety of embedded prompts

Sandcastles and Periwinkles Overview

Sandcastles and Periwinkles